Kobayashi Opening I: One-space high approach

The Kobayashi opening has been fallen out of favour in recent years, but the pros are still studying it and have found some new variations.

The one-space high approach used to be considered bad because black can attack it and settle on both sides.


Other than jumping mindlessly, there are other options for white, ranging from B to D. These are all very fighty variations.


If white chooses to attach to the corner, black can still attack white with B. A is too soft.


Black 10 is too soft. White settles easily inside black’s sphere of influence.


Black should take away white’s base. As black has more stones in the neighbourhood, this is a reasonable fight for black.


This large jump is a very interesting move.


If black responds like this, white is already in a better position than the variation shown in the first diagram, as white gets sente to attack the pincer stone and black is too flat on the bottom side.


If black plays the knight move from the corner, white can split black, aiming to invade at A or B, and live in the corner with a double hane at C. Black’s framework on the bottom is already destroyed.


If black jumps, white should not play A as it reverts back to the first variation where black gets both sides. White can consider playing B or C.


This variation is similar to the previous one where white splits black’s position.


White can also make shape with 1 to 7 and then attach at 9. It will be a complicated fight for sure.


Counter-pincering is also possible. It will be another complicated fight.


Original source: http://www.yikeweiqi.com/news/searching/26818/


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